Social account linking


In information capture, you can link Social accounts to a user's profile. All you need to do is add your social provider's oauth credentials into the Dynamic Dashboard and then enable it.

Below is an example from our Demo Site which shows how you can link accounts in the DynamicWidget.

Configuring OAuth Providers

We currently support the following providers:

  1. Discord - see guide here.
  2. Github - see guide here.
  3. Google - see guide here.
  4. Facebook - see guide here.
  5. Twitter - see guide here.

For each of these, you can add your credentials and enable them in your Developer Dashboard. They will then automatically appear in the profile section of your DynamicWidget for users to link their social account.


Social Account Linking retrieves Email and Username

Today, we are only pulling in the username and email (if provided) from these social account. If you are looking for additional functionality, reach out to us on our Slack Community channel so we can assist you further.