You can also refer to one of our sample apps if you want to clone a full application rather than embed into an existing one!

Dynamic uses Viem v2, with optional support for Wagmi v2. To use older versions of Viem and Wagmi, follow this guide.

Install the SDK

EthereumWalletConnectors also includes all EVM compatible chains including layer 2’s i.e. Base as well as Dynamic Embedded Wallets. Learn more about WalletConnectors here.

Initialize the SDK

If you are using Wagmi, make sure to read our full Wagmi guide for more setup instructions.

If you see any errors, it’s worth checking out Dynamic Doctor for quick debugging tips!

Celebrate & Learn More!

That’s it! You should now have an initial working version of the Dynamic login flow. You can now configure different kinds of signup flows including Embedded wallets and Email, Social & SMS.

You can also join our Slack Community to ask us anything on your mind.