The upgrade guide for this release containing only implementation related changes can be found here. As there a number of breaking changes with this release, we recommend reviewing that guide along with this one.

New features:

Embedded Wallets for all

We’ve added support for embedded wallets with Passkeys! Read about it here.

Native Social Login/Signup!

Dynamic already had support for social integrations through, which also generates an embedded wallet for the user. Now, as an extra option, you can use the native social login/signup feature without generating a wallet. Just toggle it on in the Email/Social Auth & Embedded Wallets section of the dashboard.

Optimised SDK

There are a number of changes to the SDK which you can read about in more detail in the upgrade guide. The main changes are:

  • Instead of using @dynamic-labs/sdk-react you should now only use @dynamic-labs/sdk-react-core and install only the WalletConnectors you need. When it comes to installing WalletConnectors, the package names have changed a little as well as what is included in each package. You can read more about that here.
  • sdk-react-core now ships with Viem instead of Ethers by default. If you need to use Ethers, you can learn how to do that here.

Improved UI design

Split up email and social sections

In the Order of Appearance section of the Sign in with email/social part of your dashboard, you can now choose whether to have email + social show as one section, or split them up, it’s as easy as toggling a button!

Improved email signup design

When you use V0.19, you’ll get a cleaner UI design for the signup/login flow by default. We’ve removed the continue button and added it within the email input field itself.

Improved account deduplication

When you enter your email in the KYC section of signup, if we detect it’s already linked to another account, we’ll prompt you to either link the wallet you’re using to that account, or to create an account with a different email.

Multi-wallet in connect-only

You can now use multi-wallet not just in connect-and-sign mode, but in connect-only mode too!

New Callbacks


onEmailVerificationSuccess (since replaced with “onotpverificationresult”)

onEmailVerificationFailure (since replaced with “onotpverificationresult”)


Changed Callbacks

onConnectSuccess is now onConnect

New Hook