Getting Started

We provider step by step guides on getting started with the SDK here.

You’ll also want to check out the UI components customization guides, or the headless guides if you need to use your own UI components.

Below we’ll introduce you to the main parts of the SDK and how they can be used.

Main Concepts


Components exist as three main types:

  1. UI components (create UI for different parts of the onboarding flow)
  2. Context providers (wrap your app in a React context to access SDK functionality)
  3. Connectors (help integrate different parts of the SDK i.e. Wagmi or specific chains)


Handlers are a way to programmatically customize synchronous behaviors of the SDK (i.e. run a blocking fraud check during wallet connection).


Events are a way to listen for SDK events and run your own asynchronous code at certain points.


Dynamic hooks are custom React hooks that allow you to access SDK functionality in your React components.


Utilities are functions that allow you to do certain tasks in your application quickly i.e. check the network of a wallet.