From SDK version v2.2.0-alpha.0, the Dynamic Widget now supports multi-asset UI by default.

This means you can present your end users with the individual balances of each asset they hold in their wallet.

Balance and pricing information is refreshed every 20 min. If you need minute by minute refresh and different asset support, contact sales.

The list of tokens reflect the top 1000 tokens by DEX volume. We leverage Coingecko for pricing.

You can also choose to show the Fiat balance of those assets in whatever their primary currency is.

Multi-asset is only supported on the following networks: Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Base.


Enabling multi-asset (turned on by default) is as simple as a toggle in the Dynamic Dashboard within the Advanced Wallet Options tab:

UI Layout

The multi-asset UI is designed to be collapsible, so that it doesn’t take up too much space on your page. It will display balances in either the native token or the fiat equivalent, depending on your configuration.

It will display in the user profile section of the DynamicWidget, or if you are implementing individual UI components, you can use the UserProfile component.

Build it yourself

You can also build your own multi-asset UI using the hooks provided by the Dynamic SDK, you can use the useTokenBalances hook to do so.