In order to capture information immediately after a user logs in that is not already available via our standard info capture (such as their shoe size, etc.), you can create custom fields to be prompted during onboarding and stored in the metadata object of the user. There are three different field types:


  • Unique: Can force uniqueness in the environment, ex: only one user can have the nickname Bob.
  • Regex: Can follow a regex, ex: text must be an Ethereum address: ^0x.


  • A list of options that a user can select in a dropdown, ex: Pizza, Ice Cream.


  • Provide the text that goes along with a checkbox, ex: Confirm that you are using this app at your own risk.

All of these fields can be configured to be optional, meaning they can be skipped during onboarding. Additionally, all fields can be edited by the user in the Dynamic Widget.


Currently, the dashboard does not support creating custom information capture. For now, they must be created through the API directly.

You must update your SDK version to v2.2.0-alpha.1 or above for this feature

We have created a CLI tool to simplify the process while the dashboard is in development: https://github.com/dynamic-labs/custom-fields-cli

Follow the README on the repository above to get started with creating custom information capture.