Please be aware that our React Native SDK is in open alpha at the moment!

The dynamic SDK can now be consumed in React Native apps through our new client package.

Soon enough, this package will become the new standard and will be usable in any javascript environments, as it is framework agnostic.

It is still in a very early stage of development, and does not yet have feature parity with our regular React SDK. Here are the features it supports as of right now:

  • Headless email and SMS login.
  • Embedded wallets with passkeys.
  • Viem wallet and public client integrations.
  • Headless or Dynamic UI.

Though you might be able to get away with a different setup, as of right now we only support the following:

  • React Native ^0.73.6
  • React Native WebView ^13.6.4
  • Expo 50.0.14

Follow these pages in order and you should learn all you need in order to kick off your first React Native app with Dynamic!

  1. Initializing your Dynamic Client
  2. Making your Dynamic Client ready for use with React Native
  3. Adding email and SMS verification to your Dynamic Client
  4. Adding social authentication to your Dynamic Client
  5. Install & Setup Passkey
  6. Creating embedded wallets for your users
  7. Displaying the user’s data in your UI
  8. Integrating Viem with your users’ wallets
  9. Using Dynamic’s UI instead of headless