Dynamic offers many different custom React hooks for different tasks within your code.

You can import them directly from the @dynamic-labs/sdk-react-core package, for example:

import { useDynamicContext } from '@dynamic-labs/sdk-react-core'

Here is a list of all of the hooks and links to their documentation pages:

useDynamicContext Gives you access to the full context which is initially set via the DynamicContextProvider component.

useEmbeddedWallet Helps you handle the creation of embedded wallets.

useWalletItemActions Set of utility functions to sign with a specific wallet.

useAuthenticateConnectedUser Can be used to authenticate already connected user

useDynamicScopes Check if user has specific scope set using our Access List scopes or NFT/Token gating.

useUserUpdateRequest Update user profile information in your application.

useOtpVerificationRequest Handle email and SMS verification and securely update user profiles.

useSendBalance Request Send Balance UI and optionally prepopulate the form for the user.

useSocialAccounts Trigger social account linking and unlinking for the authenticated user.

useUserWallets Get an array of the wallets for the current user/session.

usePasskeyRecovery Trigger the passkey generation flow manually.

useEmbeddedReveal Trigger the embedded wallet export flow manually.

useFunding Allow for programmatically request of the onramp UI

useWalletConnectorEvent Hook to listen for wallet connector events like account change, chain change or disconnect

useConnectWithOtp Connect with email or SMS OTP in headless mode

useDynamicModals Allow to programmatically show/hide some dynamic modals

useIsLoggedIn Checks if user is logged in or not