Defining “headless”

While you can use the API to entirely decouple a frontend from Dynamic and still enable onboarding experiences, headless in this case refers to the ability to use the Dynamic SDK without our UI components.

This allows you to build your own UI components and still use the Dynamic SDK to manage the data and logic of your onboarding experience.

Why go headless?

The Dynamic UI components handle a ton of edge cases, are actively maintained, and are designed to be easy to use while being completely flexible.

However, if for any reason these components are not fitting your use case, you might want to go headless.

Getting started

You should still follow the getting started guide to add the SDK to your project.

Once your app is wrapped with the DynamicContextProvider, you can now start to use our hooks and context to build your own UI components.

This section outlines guides for each part of the onboarding experience, and how to build them headlessly. Specifically, they mimic building the same components as the Dynamic UI components, but with your own UI.