userId?: string[Optional] - Dynamic’s UUID
sessionId: string[Optional] - The current session ID
environmentId?: string[Optional] - Dynamic environment ID
newUser?: boolean[Optional] - Is it first time user created/logged in
chain?: string[Optional] - Current BlockChain name
wallet?: string[Optional] - Current wallet name
email?: string[Optional] - User’s email
alias?: string[Optional] - User’s alias
firstName?: string[Optional] - User’s first name
lastName?: string[Optional] - User’s last name
phoneNumber? string[Optional] - User’s phone number
ens? : { name?: string, avatar?: string }[Optional] - The wallet’s ENS values
lists?: string[][Optional] - User’s access lists
verifiedCredentials?: JWTVerifiedCredential[][Optional] - User’s verified credentials
lastVerifiedCredentialId: string |\ undefined[Optional] - User’s last verified credential ID
scope?: string[Optional] - User’s scope
isAuthenticatedWithAWallet: booleanIs the user authenticated with a wallet