An object used with the locale prop on DynamicContextProvider, you can find a tutorial on how to use this type here.


The key of the object must be one of the following valid “lang”s:

| “ar” | “da” | “de” | “en” | “es” | “fi” | “fr” | “he” | “it” | “ja” | “nl” | “pl” | “pt” | “ru” | “uk” | “zh”

We just support “en” for now, so that will be the only valid key

The value of the object must be a valid translation object - see below.


The translation object should follow the shape found in “@dynamic-labs/sdk-react-core/src/lib/locale/en/translation.js” which you can reach by going to the definition of LocaleResource in your IDE once imported (import { LocaleResource } from '@dynamic-labs/sdk-react-core')

Here is an example excerpt from that file:

    dyn_account_exists: {
        connect: 'Connect with {{socialOauth}}',
        description: 'It looks like an account already exists using',
        title: 'Account already exists',
        trail_message_email: '. Please log in with your email.',
        trail_message_social: 'through {{socialOauth}}',