When it comes to onboarding users, having a flexible sign-up flow that can accommodate different preferences is key. Whether users prefer to sign up with their email, phone number, social media accounts, or directly with a wallet, providing the options that fit your user’s needs can make the onboarding process smoother, more user-friendly, and increase conversion.

That is why we are offering the flexibility to design the sign up screen to suit your needs. You can now choose whether you want users to sign up with their email, phone number, social accounts, or with wallets. You can configure this as needed.

If you then want to generate a wallet for your users when they sign up using email, social or sms, please refer to the embedded wallets section after configuring email/social/sms below.

Sign up with Email

Sign up with Social

Sign up/sign in with Apple, Discord, Facebook, Farcaster, Github, Google, Twitch or Twitter!

Configure the individual social signup options as needed following the social providers section

Sign up with SMS