Enable Chains

The first step is to enable the appropriate chains that you’d like to support. You can enable chains using the following chains and networks configuration guide.


Configure RPC

You can use the default RPC URLs that we provide for each chain/network, but if you’d like to configure your own, please follow this RPC guide.


Learn more

You’re now set up to let users log in using web3 wallets! However there is one important note here - by default you will be in what’s called “connect-and-sign” mode. It’s worth reading about the implications of this in the overview of authentication modes to decide what’s right for your use case.

There’s a bunch of further customizations you can do for the Branded Wallet experience, from turning on Multi-wallet to sorting and filtering wallets to more advanced configurations so it’s worth reviewing the advanced wallets section of the docs in depth when you’re ready.