A hook which can be used to authenticate an already connected user. It’s useful when there is a need to authenticate a user who is currently in connect-only mode.

If you are using connect-and-sign authentication mode, you don’t need to use this hook . Learn more about the different authentication modes here.

The hook needs to be initialized within a child of DynamicContextProvider


Available functions and states:

  • authenticateUser - when called starts signing already connected user.
  • isAuthenticating - boolean which indicates the state of authentication.

Example usage:

const AuthenticateConnectedUserButton = () => {
  const { authenticateUser, isAuthenticating } = useAuthenticateConnectedUser();

  return (
    <button onClick={ authenticateUser } disable={ isAuthenticating }>
    { isAuthenticating ? 'Authenticating ...' : 'Authenticate connected wallet' }