The way Dynamic integrates with React Native is by extending our client with the React Native Extension. This adds the reactNative module, which provides access to a webview component that must be rendered to your app.

Since our client was built with a modular approach, each extension must be installed as a separate package, so to keep the client’s package size to a minimum.


Simply run the following in your terminal:

npm i @dynamic-labs/react-native-extension@alpha react-native-webview

Usage with React Native

First, extend your client with our extension:

import { ReactNativeExtension } from '@dynamic-labs/react-native-extension'

export const client = createClient({
  environmentId: 'YOUR-ENVIRONMENT-ID',

Next, render the webview injected into the client by the extension:

import { client } from '<path to client file>';

export function App() {
  return (
      <client.reactNative.WebView />

        { ... }

You can read more about our react native package here.