The package that gives access to an Extension that allows adding react native support to our client.


ReactNativeExtension method

ReactNativeExtension(props?: ReactNativeExtensionProps): Extension<IReactNativeExtension>

A method that, when passed to the client instance, injects the following modules into it:

reactNative module

Provides access to the webview that renders our SDK in the background of your app.

The client itself is only an interface to our SDK, so it must be rendered to your app in order for the client to work.

WebView() => JSX.ElementThe react native component that renders our SDK in the background.


ReactNativeExtensionProps type

Properties which you can pass to the extension.

  • appOrigin: Allows you to specify the URL origin of your app. Necessary for use with passkeys and social auth.
type ReactNativeExtensionProps = {
  appOrigin?: string

IReactNativeExtension type

Type of the react native extension.

type IReactNativeExtension = {
  reactNative: {
    WebView: () => JSX.Element