Bello offers you analytics to help you understand your users and their behavior. You can use this data to make informed decisions about your app and improve your user experience.

To get set up, all you need to do it run an export of wallet addresses from Dynamic and upload it to Bello. Upon upload, Bello filters the data, retaining only EVM-compatible addresses and discarding any non-relevant fields such as emails, ensuring that only blockchain-relevant information is processed.

Upon launching a search, you as a free user gain access to features such as:

  • “Assets in Common,” illuminating shared community memberships and fostering an understanding of collective affiliations.
  • “NFT Interests,” which employs AI to tag users’ collection habits, offering insights into their NFT collecting patterns.
  • A “Recently Purchased” segment, highlighting the most recent community NFTs acquired by a user.
  • “Web3 Social” insights, providing a comprehensive look at a user’s interactions across platforms like Lens, Farcaster, and Warpcast.

OK, let’s get started! This is a simple two step process, as outlined above:

Export wallet addresses from Dynamic

We offer both a drag and drop method (UI only, no code) as well as a programmatic method

Upload wallet addresses to Bello

Once you have your CSV file, you can upload it to Bello through the dedicated Portal. You can access the portal by clicking the button below:

Beyond the basics

Once you have your dashboard set up, you can start to explore the data and gain insights into your users’ behavior. Here are some ideas to get you started: