📘 Visitors are users that have connected a wallet through the connect-only path

For more information on authenticated users compared to visitors, see here.

In your developer dashboard, you have full access to view all your visitors, ie, those users who have connected through the connect-only path and therefore didn’t need to sign to login.

This is a simplified table from the Users table, those are users who authenticated, since minimal information is collected about visitors. One of the main points to highlight here is that no User ID is created and no information is associated to this visitor.

Visitors Table

Here you can view a list of your visitors and search by wallet address and filter. You can also sort by any column by simply click on the column header, or you filter by chains if you want to narrow your search criteria.

Note that since we don’t associate a wallet to a user ID, the same user may have many visits if they choose to connect with different wallets.