If you visit your dashboard, on the top of the page, you will see two tabs: Projects and Organizations. There are related but different concepts, and this short section will help you understand when to utalize each.


You can think of a project as a scoped configuration for a single implementation. Each project comes with both a sandbox and live mode, which each have their own environment ID and configuration.

Importantly, if a user is invited as a member of an organization, they will have access to all projects within that organization.

Creating a new project

In the navigation bar of the dashboard, click on the Project dropdown menu (second from the left):

  1. Click “Create new project”
  2. Enter Project Name.


Organizations are a way to group projects together. Organizations are billed distinctly, and each organization can have multiple projects.

Creating a new organization

In the navigation bar, click on the Organization dropdown menu (first on the left):

  1. Click “Create organization” at the bottom of the dropdown
  2. Enter Organization Name and Website URL

And you’re done. You now have a new organization that you can use. You will need to invite members of your team to this organization if you would like to work with them there.