There are multiple ways to customize the UI of the Dynamic SDK. You can customize the views, translations, and CSS design among other things. We outline the main methods below and link to respective guides.


Views are used to customize the kind of UI that shows up at any point in time in your application, specifically giving you complete control over the signup/login options you show your user. Learn more about views.


Every piece of text displayed in a Dynamic UI component has a corresponding key in our translation file. You can override these keys to customize the text displayed in the UI. Learn more about translations.

CSS Design

You have three primary options for completely adapting the look and feel of the UI components on a CSS level. These are:


You can use a theme to override the default styles of components cohesively. Learn more.

CSS Variables

You can use CSS variables to override individual styles of the UI components.

Learn more.

Custom CSS

You can add custom CSS in order to ignore all Dynamic styles and create your own.

Learn more.

You’ll get to interact with all three methods if you take the Design Tutorial!