This component is available from V19 of the SDK only


This component will render the signup/login UI as well as the user profile all in one on the page. It’s useful as an alternative to DynamicWidget, which first renders a button that brings up the flow.

You can see this component in action on our demo:

background?'default' | 'none' | 'with-border'Specifies what kind of background to apply , defaults to ‘default’. Check the playground section to see the differences.
className?stringAllows setting a className to the container component. Note: this does not work when Shadow Dom is enabled!
style?CSSPropertiesAllows passing explicit style to the container, such as setting a fixed height.


See how it works live! Play with the background options to see their effect!


import {
} from "@dynamic-labs/sdk-react-core";
import { EthereumWalletConnectors } from "@dynamic-labs/ethereum";
import "./App.css";

function App() {
  return (
    <div className="App">
          environmentId: "XXXX",
          walletConnectors: [EthereumWalletConnectors],
        <div className="widget-container">
          {/* background can be none, default or with-border */}
          <DynamicEmbeddedWidget background="default" />

export default App;