This is Dynamic's abstraction over the wallet interface. This can be used to interact with the users wallet.

fetchPublicAddress(): Promise<string | undefined>A method to fetch the public address (alternatively the address could be fetched from useDynamicContext's user object)
getNameService(): Promise<NameServiceData | undefined>A method that uses RPC to fetch the ENS name and avatar associated with the public address (if any).

Public RPCs might fail looking up the ENS information. You can configure custom RPC urls in the Dashboard.
getSigner() : Promise<ethers.providers.JsonRpcSigner| Solana Wallet)Representation of the signer (the wallet) for actions that require signatures with the private key.

Ethereum - JsonRpcSigner

Solana - The active wallet
getWeb3Provider(): ethers.providers.Web3Provider | Connection | undefinedThe provider should be used for read only actions on the block chain.

Ethereum - A Web3Provider

SOLANA - solana/web3js.Connection
name: stringThe wallet name
signMessage(messageToSign: string): Promise<string | undefined>A method to sign a message
supportedChains: Chain[]The chains that the wallet supports