This is Dynamic's abstraction over the wallet interface. This can be used to interact with the users wallet.

fetchPublicAddress(): Promise<string | undefined>A method to fetch the public address (alternatively the address could be fetched from useDynamicContext's user object)
getWeb3Provider(): ethers.providers.Web3Provider | Connection | undefinedThe provider should be used for read only actions on the block chain.

Ethereum - A Web3Provider

SOLANA -solana/web3js.Connection
getSigner() : Promise<ethers.providers.JsonRpcSigner| Solana Wallet)Representation of the signer (the wallet) for actions that require signatures with the private key.

Ethereum - JsonRpcSigner

Solana - The active wallet
name: stringThe wallet name
signMessage(messageToSign: string): Promise<string | undefined>A method to sign a message
supportedChains: Chain[]The chains that the wallet supports