An object containing attributes about the user such as the wallet address, email, first name, etc.

alias?: string[Optional] - User's alias
chain: stringCurrent BlockChain name
environmentId: stringDynamic's environment ID
email?: string[Optional] - User's email
ens? : { name?: string, avatar?: string }[Optional] - The wallet's ENS values
firstName?: string[Optional] - User's first name
isAuthenticatedWithAWallet: booleanreturns true if the user most recent authentication was with a wallet
lastName?: string[Optional] - User's last name
newUser: booleanThis boolean flag will contain the value true when the user signed-in and has completed the required information capture fields defined in the environment's settings for the first time.
phoneNumber? string`[Optional] - User's phone number
verifiedCredentials: JWTVerifiedCredentialList of the user's verified credentials. see: XXX
wallet: stringCurrent wallet name
userId: stringDynamic's UUID