Sign Up with Email/Social


When it comes to onboarding user, having a flexible sign-up flow that can accommodate different preferences is key. Whether users prefer to sign up with their email, social media accounts, or directly with a wallet, providing the options that fit your user's needs can make the onboarding process smoother, more user-friendly, and increase conversion.

That is why we are offering the flexibility to design the sign up screen to suit your needs. You can now choose whether you want users to sign up with their email, social accounts (coming soon), or with wallets. You can configure this as needed.


To configure the sign up flow:

  1. Go to the configurations page in your developer dashboard
  2. Click on the Sign up with Email (social is coming soon) card
  3. Select if you want to enable Sign up with email
    1. If you want to enable Email sign up with invisible wallets, see here.
  4. Select the priority of email relative to wallets (ie, do you want email to be above wallet selection)


Dashboard Configuration

This video shows how you can manage the Email Sign configurations in your developer dashboard.

SDK Experience

This video shows how you can sign up with email.

SDK <> Dashboard Configurations

This video shows the dashboard screen and how it impacts the SDK. You just need to be logged out and refresh the SDK to see the changes.