Now that you have the basic flow set up, you can leverage some of Dynamic's built-in methods.


DynamicContextProvier settings: Settings available when you first initialize DynamicContextProvider in your App.


useDynamicContext: Dynamic's React Context which is initially set via DynamicContextProvier

useWalletItemActions: Set of utility functions to sign with a specific wallet.


WalletConnector: This is Dynamic's abstraction over the wallet interface. This can be used to interact with the users wallet.

UserProfile: An object containing attributes about the user such as the wallet address, email, first name, etc.

Wallet: An object containing the attributes about the connected wallet. This object would be available immediately after a wallet has been connected.

Example: An example of how to setup DynamicContextProvider with the appropriate settings, and then using the walletConnector.getWeb3Provider method to get the balance of the user's wallet.