Manage Wallet List

To remove or include specific wallets from the SDK, you can use the callback prop:

walletsFilter: (wallets: WalletOptions[]) => WalletOptions[]

Example to filter Wallets out

import { DynamicContextProvider, normalizeWalletName } from ‘@dynamic-labs/sdk-react’;

// Note that you should use the normalized name of the wallet
// see code snippet below for finding the normalized wallet name
const FILTER_WALLET = ['wallet1', 'wallet2']
    walletsFilter: ((wallets) => wallets.filter((wallet) =>             

Fetch standardized wallet names

To find the normalized name of all the wallets you can output all the names using the following syntax:

import { useDynamicContext, normalizeWalletName } from ‘@dynamic-labs/sdk-react’;

const { wallets } = useDynamicContext();
console.log( => normalizeWalletName(;          

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