Access Lists

If you're launching a new site, then access lists or waitlists are probably a high priority for you. In the integrations page of your developer dashboard, click on the Access list card.

Here you can create access lists based on wallet addresses.

  1. Simply click "Create New List"
  2. Add a name for your list
  3. Add the addresses you want to give access to and an optional alias field to keep track of these addresses
  4. Enable the toggle when you're ready.
  5. Boom. You're done.

You can create multiple lists to help keep track of different groups of users (ie, VIPs, beta users, internal users, etc). Note: a user only needs to be in one of the lists to pass.

Once enabled, if a user is not in your access list then they will be blocked from entering your site.

Customize the copy

You can customize the copy through props in our SDK but update the accessDeniedMessagePrimary and accessDeniedMessageSecondary.

accessDeniedMessagePrimary: 'Your copy1',
        accessDeniedMessageSecondary: 'Your Copy2',

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