We are excited to release V0.15.0 as part of our public beta announcement. You can read more about it in our announcement blog post


As always we try to introduce as few breaking changes as possible, if you have any issue with the changes below please don't hesitate to reach out.

  • Based on your feedback, our team has been hard at work to completely redesign our SDK UI and move it to ShadowDom. Now in addition, to the default customizations that we provide in the our admin dashboard, you have full control and ability to customize any element in the Dynamic's SDK to your liking. If you previously used any CSS Classes to override our previous SDK modal you will need to update them to the current CSS classes.
    For more info see: (see:Custom CSS)
  • As we introduced more callbacks, we now require all the callbacks to be nested under eventsCallbacks see: Callbacks For more info, see OnAuthSuccess and OnLinkSuccess
  • We removed user.walletPublicKey, instead please use primaryWallet.address.


  • A Complete rewrite of our SDK UI and design configurations (see:Custom CSS)
  • Support for Email Verification + and Sign in with Email.
  • Integration with magic.link.
  • New and improved network selector experience
  • Support for Wallet Connect V2. See our guide for more info
  • Multi-wallet support for Flow + Lilico
  • Multiple Bug Fixes + reduction in our package size