Confirm Wallet Transfers Between Accounts

The “Confirm Wallet Transfers Between Accounts” feature is designed to prevent inadvertent wallet transfers. With this option enabled, any attempt to link a wallet that’s already associated with a different account triggers a Transfer Confirmation Screen. This screen prompts the user to verify their intention to transfer the wallet from its current account to the new one. This added step ensures that wallet transfers only occur after explicit user consent, reducing the risk of accidental or unintended transfers.

If you prefer to not have these additional confirmation screens, you can disable the toggle and the transfer of wallets will happen automatically.

Create embedded wallets, even if a wallet exists on the account

The “Create embedded wallets, even if a wallet exists on the account” setting is designed to prevent unnecessary duplication of embedded wallets. If a user signs in with their email, enabling this toggle instructs the system to first check for any existing linked wallets associated with that user’s email. If linked wallets are found, the system refrains from creating a new embedded wallet, preventing extra wallets.